Sunday, November 16, 2014

How Does a Congregation Appeal to All People?

So, someone said recently that when most African-Americans walk into a UU church service, they immediately feel out of place because most UUs don't have the same tradition in dressing well for church. He suggested that if our congregation wanted to attract more African-Americans, we might think about dressing better on Sunday mornings. Is this perhaps true of African-American Christians more than African-Americans in general?

Many of us who were not raised as UUs grew up in churches at which dressing up for church on Sunday was required. I'm talking about kid gloves, dresses, hats and scarves for girls. If you grew up like this, do you miss that aspect of church?

I'm thinking that there are many UUs and perhaps even more youth, who, if they walked into a church service of well-dressed people, would immediately feel out of place.

I'm not opposed to changing some to create a welcoming culture but I'm confused about how to be all things to all people. Thoughts?

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